Top 10 Web Design Trends 2022

Neil Forrester
January 8, 2022
Web Design Trends 2022
Web Design Trends 2022
Web Design Trends 2022

Here at Ethos Website Design in Geelong, we have identified the following 10 web design trends that we believe will dominate 2022:

Bold Colours

There is a strong trend towards bright and bold colours in brand design. This, coupled with a minimalistic colour scheme, makes brands that follow this trend seem fresh and lively. It also helps them stand out from the crowd with eye-popping, saturated hues. 

Website Page Speed Load Times

In the 1990s, we accepted that we would have to wait for ages for a webpage to load. In 2022, people expect instantaneous load times – and we have the technology to achieve it. There is no excuse anymore for slow-loading web pages. If you’re slow, you’re out.

Lead Magnets To Capture Visitor Info

Offering something of value for free in exchange for contact information for you to follow up on for future sales is a clever tactic, albeit nothing new. However, its use in 2022 is expected to be even more widespread than before. Increasingly savvy potential customers might not want to give you their details at all unless you can offer them upfront value in return.

Chat Bots Like Tidio

Tidio is a widely-used live chat and chatbot combo that, when implemented effectively, has been reported to generate as much as four times more leads and improve customer experience. There are many other similar products out there, and you can expect them to be used far more prolifically in the year ahead as they get more advanced.

Web Design Trends 2022 - Chatbots

Micro-Interactions And Animations

Micro-interactions and animations have been around for a while and are already used in various apps and on a wide array of websites. They make site visitors feel more satisfied with their interaction with your brand because they feel included, and they provide a shot of dopamine.


Minimalism And Flat Design

Minimalism and flat design have been on the rise for a couple of years now, and that trend looks set to continue in 2022. These design philosophies lend themselves to greater useability and readability while also making the lives of designers a lot easier at the same time.

Colour Palettes

The use of colour is more attuned to customer psychology than before. No more are colours just used to look pretty. In 2022, colour palettes are all about evoking moods, feelings and emotions in customers’ minds to drive the desired responses.

For colour inspirational colour palettes and colour trends visit

Text Only Hero Images

The top of a website page is known as the “hero image”. It’s the part of the page that is seen first by visitors and usually features the most striking and attention-grabbing imagery. However, the trend in 2022 is to cut the clutter here and simply go with a bold text-only statement in a nice eye-catching font.

Bold Text Web Design Trend

Bold Fonts

Bold, easy-to-read fonts are increasingly being used to communicate with webpage visitors in an instant. This is increasingly being used instead of fancy pictures – which might just be distracting and might delay the message in the visitor’s mind. Combining these textual headers with striking colour combinations makes them extremely eye-catching.

Mobile First – Responsive Web Design

With most of the world still accessing the Internet via their phones, it makes sense that the trend toward mobile-first web design continues. Mobile phones are increasingly sophisticated, and their portability makes them the go-to device for browsing. If you’re not prioritising mobile web design in 2022, you’re going to be left behind.

Mobile First Web Design

Website Design

For excellent advice and services in website design in Geelong, contact Ethos Website Design to ensure your website is in line with the latest trends.


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