Why Blog? 7 Ways Your Website Can Benefit From Blogging

Neil Forrester
January 8, 2022

Why Blog?

Keeping a regular blog on your website can have numerous benefits. Here at Ethos Website Design in Geelong, we believe that a well-written and well-maintained blog can truly transform your website’s performance and return on investment.

Here are seven ways to benefit from a good blog on your website.

Improve Reputation

When your blog is consistently full of insightful information, useful tips and helpful hints, you will start to be seen as an authority in your field. When customers see you this way, they are more likely to turn to you for your products and services to help them because they will believe that you know what you’re doing more than your competitors.

Build Trust

When you post regularly, customers start to feel like they know you in a more personal way. They feel included and privy to your thoughts and feelings regarding matters in your field of expertise. Reading a blog feels more intimate than seeing an advert, so a deeper connection is forged between you and the customer. This builds trust, which becomes loyalty.

Increase Reach

If a blog is particularly interesting, it could be shared by others. When your blogs get shared, it raises awareness about your brand. Moreover, blogs effectively drive a strong SEO campaign, and your business will therefore come up in search results more often. The benefits of blogging remain effective long after posting as well. It’s a long-term investment that can see returns for years.

Grow Customer Base

As more and more people are driven towards your website to read your blog posts, more visitors will become customers due to the above-mentioned factors. Blogs can raise brand awareness and then foster trust, which leads to sales.

Why Blog? Blogging improves website performance!

Blogging improves your website performance for relevancy and SEO.

Low Cost Marketing

Blogs are an effective marketing strategy that costs very little compared to traditional marketing approaches such as paid advertisements. Blog articles can also have a viral aspect to them with the potential to be shared when well-written and interesting. This means you have to do very little to disseminate them because your target audience might very well do a lot of it for you for free.

Maintain A Consistent Voice

Your blog posts can help communicate a consistent message to your target market while maintaining a consistent voice. It also is a low-risk vehicle through which mistakes can be made as you figure it out. Consistency in messaging, tone and voice is one of the essential factors in building trust and loyalty with target audiences. Blogs can help you find that voice, narrow it down and fine-tune it.

Remain Relevant

Regular blogging helps you remain relevant and in step with changes in the world. For example, companies that haven’t updated their blogs to reflect the changes brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic now seem outdated and out of touch. This breaks trust and creates a disconnect. Regular blogging can help your company avoid this problem.

Need A Website?

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