Landing Page Website Design – Increase Online Enquiries

Neil Forrester
January 8, 2022

Landing Page Website Design

If you’re looking for website design in Geelong, then you need to consider the importance of landing page website design and how it can be used for generating leads and online enquiries to boost your business.

After all, what good is a business website if it doesn’t ultimately boost engagement with your target market and drive sales up? Good e-commerce web design will ensure that your landing page hits all the right spots.

It’s important to note that one shouldn’t define the term “landing page” too narrowly. Much ado is made over differentiating a landing page from a home page, for example. While the two are uniquely different concepts, the truth is that they often overlap. A landing page is just the first point of online contact between your business and a potential customer, and that can take various forms.

Whether they end up there by finding you on a search engine or clicking on a link in a paid advert, the landing page is simply the page where they land. With this in mind, we should consider what qualities a landing page should have to drive online enquiries.

In essence, a landing page can increase online enquiries by communicating what value is on offer, the benefits, why the customer should trust you and how the customer can take action.

1. An Enticing And Unique Value Proposition

What are you selling, and why should a customer choose your offer over your competitors? The landing page website design is where you sell them on the concept in a quick, punchy and enticing fashion. No long essays here, just an eye-catching header and a short, to-the-point paragraph exalting the value of your product or service. It is important to elucidate here what exactly makes the value proposition unique and special.

2. Benefits Explained

Your landing page website design should also sum up the key benefits of using your product or service. Ideally, this would be presented in short and easily-digestible bullet points with concise headers. You don’t want to overwhelm the customer with information here so, even though you can list 600 marvellous benefits, it’s

3. Third-Party Endorsements

A truly excellent landing page will incorporate some form of third party endorsement, commonly in the form of positive customer reviews posted on the landing page. This kind of social reinforcement can put prospective customers at ease and build trust. When trust is built, customers are much more likely to make the purchase.

4. Call To Action

An important part of a landing page is where the visitor is encouraged to take an action that will lead them into a sale. This often takes place by asking the customer to fill in an embedded form that, at the very minimum, captures an email address for the sales team to follow up on. These online enquiries serve to generate valuable leads. Notably, however, the call to action is far less likely to yield a result if the preceding three aspects mentioned above have not been expertly implemented.

Landing Page Website Design

A well-crafted landing page that will increase online enquiries and ultimately drive sales up. To get your business’s landing page sorted and more, contact Ethos Website Design now to see how we can help you!


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