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Only pay when prospective buyers click your ad

Google Ads are paid ads displayed at the top of a Google search result when someone searches a phrase relating to products or services you sell.

Our Google Ads management service ensures your advertising campaign is optimised (to save money) and getting you the most for each cost per click. In addition to our management fee, you will also need to set aside a budget to run your ads on the Google network, partner sites and apps.

Cost Effective & High ROI

Google Ads is the most powerful advertising platform to boost traffic, collect more leads and increase sales. Google advertising is low cost compared to other types of marketing and without a doubt, it is one of the most cost-effective ways to receive a high ROI.

Our Google Ads certified account managers understand what it takes to develop great Google advertising strategy for your business. We focus on creating targeted campaigns that are cost-effective & profitable.


Measure everything about your Google Ads including: Advertising costs, Profits, Ad clicks, Website views, Landing page visits, Calls made to your business and any specific action completed via Google Ads within your business site.


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Google AdWords Management Services
How do we identify high value keyword phrases?

To drive qualified traffic to your website with Google Ads, you need visitors who are ready to convert, whether it’s to buy, subscribe or complete a form for more information. This means you need to choose high value keywords that attract qualified shoppers, whilst minimising advertisement costs.

Our Google Ads Management team researches your business thoroughly. We learn about your target audience, competitors and the unique complexities of your industry. Knowing how your competitors use Google Ads, we focus on finding the most successful and high converting keywords for your business.

How do we develop your Google AdWords campaign?

Once we have the right keywords for your business, we create an effective PPC (Pay Per Click) Google Ads campaign. Our Google Ads Management team will design a focused action plan with multiple strategies to deliver the best results, achieving your business goals quickly and efficiently.

We set up your campaign to include different Google ad groups, ad extensions, high value keyword phrases and a negative keyword phrase list. Split testing is used to identify the best initial Google Ads. Once everything is approved and your budget is set, your ready to go live!

Optimise, Grow & Repeat. Maximising click through rate with A/B testing

Google Ads are optimised using A/B testing to determine which ads lead to the highest clickthrough rates (CTR) and conversion rates. Our Google Ads Management team continually monitors and improves your Google Ads campaign, so you quickly notice new sales, enquiries and leads on your website.

Once we have achieved your initial business goals and your account is “ticking along nicely”, we continue to research your market space. We do this to identify new opportunities for your business. To keep you up to date, each month you will receive a comprehensive report.

Why Google Ads?

This strategy produces faster results than organic SEO, because it’s designed to send immediate, relevant search traffic to your website. Targeting high value, relevant keywords, Google Ads are highly flexible and customisable. Our Google Ads Management team creates engaging ads with excellent conversion rates. The outcome of your campaigns are not only measurable, but they convert 50% better than organic search results.

Targeting your chosen audience

One of the reasons Google Ads are so successful is because they are targeted to specific audiences. Google Ads only displays your ads to people searching online using keyword phrases that relate specifically to your business. Our Google Ads Management team in Geelong ensures that these keyword phases are high value! This means they are already interested in your services or products and are ready to convert.

How quickly can I expect results?

If you want to beat your competitors, you need to leverage the power of Google Ads. When your competitors don’t use Google Ads, then you win! Google Ad delivers results fast. We tweak and test your ads to keep you above the fold and at the top of page one.

Is Google Ads cost effective?

If you want maximum control and focused advertising, you need to leverage Google Ads. Google AdWords allows you to set a maximum cost per day for your campaign budget, giving you total control over your expenditure. Your budget can be updated in real time allowing you to have full control over Google Ads spend, maximising your results very quickly.

How do I know Google Ads is working for me?

Real success is achieved when the ROI of the advertising exceeds the cost. IE. The advertising produces profitable business. To achieve this, the following typically occurs:

  1. Your Google Ads budget is being fully spent and in a way that your defined objectives are being most effectively achieved.
  2. Over time, the goal metrics are being more cost-effectively achieved.
  3. Through relationship management, you recognise a real return to your business, over and
  4. Above the total spend of the campaign, which includes management fees.

Disclaimer: While we carry out all listed tasks. We cannot guarantee visitors will buy something from you or contact you. Google Ads is search marketing. It only sends traffic to a website for searched keyword phrases. The website, service or product is often the key to converting a visitor into a customer. Visitors to your website only become paying customers if the website is designed in such a way to encourage them to take a certain action such as complete a form or buy a product. A Google Ads campaign should be implemented for the life of your business. Short term efforts tend not to yield the desired results.

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