The Number 1 Digital Marketing Strategy To Grow Your Business

Neil Forrester
February 26, 2024

Define Your Best Paying Customers

Take a look at your client database and define who are your best paying clients. What services do these people buy from you? You need to sell more of this service to the customer profile that buy from you.

How much would it take to make a difference to you?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many leads / enquiries do you currently get each month?
  • Of those leads, what percentage convert into paying customers?
  • How long is the average customer relationship?
  • What is the average spend of a customer during this time?

Do The Math

How many more new customers would you like each month to make a real difference?

To illustrate an example, let’s imagine a character called Dave. He owns a small gardening business. The average customer spends $2000 per year with Dave and they stay on average for 3 years.

$2000 x 3 years = $6000.

Now, let’s imagine we can help Dave get 3 new customers per month! How much difference would 3 new customers make to Dave’s bottom line?

Using LinkedIn Outreach Marketing + Google Ads + Landing Page Design + CRM, we can safely assume Dave will acquire 3 new customers per month!

How Much Value Would 3 New Customers Per Month Mean To Dave’s Turnover?

3 new customers per month (each paying $2000) x 12 months equals an extra $72,000 per year! (or an extra $216,000 over a 3 year period).

A Digital Marketing Strategy Should Be An Investment – Not An Expense

Combining the following services will increase leads and sales for your business.

LinkedIn Outreach Marketing - LinkedIn Digital Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn Outreach Marketing

Our LinkedIn Outreach Marketing service utilises your LinkedIn account to connect with more of your best paying customer profiles. Upgrading your LinkedIn account to Sales Navigator Core allows us to find more of your best paying customer profiles and connect with 100 of them each and every month!

In addition to the above we:

  • Optimise your LinkedIn profile page.
  • Create & post 4 graphic posts pertaining to your best selling services / products.
  • Craft a series of 4-5 prospecting messages we send to 100 new connections each month.

For every 100 people we connect with, 3-5 people will want to know more about you and your business. Once a prospect displays interest, you take over the sale conversation process.


  • LinkedIn Outreach Marketing Service: $895 inc GST per month.
  • Sales Navigator Core: $150 per month paid directly to LinkedIn.
  • FREE landing page design included when ordering this service. See below.
Google Ads Experts Geelong - Digital Marketing Strategy

Google has a 91.61% share of the search engine market. Of that 68% of all online experiences begin with a search. When people search services or products you provide, they have buyers intent.

People search with keyword phrases, indicating they are ready to make a purchase. These terms indicate a higher likelihood that the person searching is preparing to make a transaction.

Your ads are only displayed if the search criteria matches. You only pay if a user clicks your ads.

Optimised ads link to a dedicated landing page on your website, continuing the sales journey to capture leads & enquiries.


  • Google Ads Management. No set-up fee: $510 inc GST per month.
  • We recommend a Google Ads Budget of: $1000+ per month to run ads.
Landing Page Design

Landing Page Design

A landing page is a page on your website designed to sell one specific service or product. In doing so, it greatly improves sales & enquiries because it is focused.

The page layout and information is designed in such a way to funnel the visitor take action. An action could be completing a purchase, calling a number, completing an enquiry form, booking an appointment etc.

When a person visits your landing page from a LinkedIn conversation or Google Ad, the sales journey makes more sense because we’re still communicating about the service they searched for or discussed on LinkedIn.

Our landing page design service is FREE when you take up LinkedIn Outreach Marketing. Landing Page Design is valued at $1250.

Go HighLevel CRM

Customer Relationship Management (aka CRM)

A CRM system helps you capture visitor contact details, monitor website interactions, and manage opportunities in your sales pipeline. We provide our customers with one of the best CRM’s on the market – Go HighLevel!

When an action is taken on landing page, such completeing a form, an opportunity is created and saved to your sales pipeline.

Opportunities move along through the pipeline until they are either marked as won or lost. As part of this management process, we also create automated workflows sending emails, text messages, sms messages to keep prospects moving towards the sale.


  • $150 per month inc GST
  • Access your dashboard via a browser or mobile app.
  • A CRM allows us to gather customer information and keep the customer engaged during the sales process.

Want More High-Paying Clients?

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