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Jeric Turga
November 13, 2022

Web Designer In Geelong

Your business must have an online presence. Ethos Website Design is your partner! Don’t pass up this opportunity to increase your online sales!

It’s a given that being in business today is competitive. If you think having a professional website design for your business is a luxury, you’re mistaken; it’s a necessity if you want to survive the pressure and scrutiny from your customers and competition. In other words, you must collaborate with the best web designers to ensure that your website is both professional & engaging for customers. If you don’t, your prospective customers will bounce off your site, straight to your competition, and we don’t want that!

What Is Website Design?


Essentially, web design is the presentation of information customers see when they visit your site. Web design is a process of planning, designing, and creating various elements to showcase your services online. It includes structure, layout, image, fonts, graphics, and colors, among other things.

A website consists of many components that work together to provide a complete experience, such as user experience design, graphic design, SEO, interface design, content development, and others. All of these factors should be considered when determining how your website will appear, function, and feel on different devices.

Examples of design elements that contribute towards an effective web design are:

  • Negative space is used effectively.
  • Clearly stated call to action.
  • Visitors’ options are presented.
  • Text and images are relevant.
  • Responsive design for various screen sizes.
  • A good balance of images and text – otherwise known as graphic design.
  • Relevant, high-quality content and images that will pique your readers’ interest.

Should you invest in a business website for your business?

To understand this question better, take a look at the section below, which explains why every business should have a well-designed and professionally developed website.

Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website

Web designer Geelong

Expecting to attract customers without an online presence is akin to visiting a deserted island and expecting people to drop by. That means that if you can’t get your business in front of potential customers, you can’t expect steady growth.

1. It is desired by your potential customers. 

The majority of your customers will expect you to have a proper website where they can learn more about your products, services, and brand. Your website will increase sales while also promoting goodwill and increasing brand recall value. Your website will deliver your message to potential customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Investing in a website is thus a wise decision. Furthermore, if you are employing SEO best practices, then more people will be able to find your business through search engines.

2. You Have the Potential to Reach a Global Audience

Approximately 90% of customers are willing to travel approximately 20 miles to purchase their regular items, and approximately 85% do not prefer to travel for more than 10 to 15 minutes. So, if you only have a physical store, you will have a limited customer base, with people who live within a 10-15-minute radius visiting the store. Create a website if you want to spread your brand’s message far and wide.

3. Provide Social Proof to Your Customers

It has been demonstrated that what others are saying about your brand can influence customer behavior and purchasing decisions. Even if your business has a 5-star rating on various business listing sites, your customers will expect to see your business website for more information. Including customer testimonials on your website will also impress potential buyers and serve as social proof.

4. You Have Control Over The Narrative

Controlling what other people say about you is difficult. You can, however, use your website to influence the band’s perception because you will be able to write your own story. When it comes to creating brand awareness, various studies have shown that a website is far more effective than brochures and print ads. According to some estimates, Google receives over 5 billion searches per day. Imagine that, with this level of search volume, there are people online right now looking for your products and services.

5. Increasing Your Return on Investment

You can now create a website for free using various free tools, such as Wix, and it will not cost you much money. When your website is perfectly optimized, it attracts a large number of visitors. By effectively promoting your products and services, you can easily reach a larger target customer. Your website content, on the other hand, will influence both purchasing decisions and commercial transactions.

6. Your website will help you gain credibility.

If you want to demonstrate that you are serious about your business, you should create a professional website. More than 60% of smartphone users discover new products and services by searching their devices. That is, if you do not have a website, this can harm your credibility. People prefer to communicate with a brand they can trust, which your website can facilitate.

7. Helps You in Competing with Other Businesses

You can easily compete with other companies in your industry if you have a well-designed website. It will rank higher, and your website will be placed correctly. On the other hand, bidding for the right keyword will increase your website traffic while also influencing your customers’ journey, which typically begins with research, reviews, and recommendation. It will be easier to stay ahead of your competitors if you have a prominent position on SERPs.

Neil Forrester, A Professional Website Designer

Neil Forrester, the owner of Ethos Website Design, located in Geelong.

Helps different kinds of businesses to have a presence online.
If you are located in Geelong, this is now your chance to set up your business online.

Ethos Website Design makes the complex simple, helping small business owners establish an online presence for future success! Based on Geelong and services the whole of Australia!

Ethos Website Design - Web designer in Geelong

Why Ethos Website Design?

You can check here our Google Reviews, to testify that our designs and projects are all worth it!

 Website Designs – All online marketing points to your website. Therefore, your site must be professional, engaging, and on-brand. Includes copywriting, images & submission to Google.

Ecommerce – Owning your online store and making automated sales is exciting. We’re experienced with creating great-looking e-commerce sites that are easy to use, engaging & make sales. 

SEO – Do you want more online inquiries & sales? Of course, you do! Did you know 68% of all online experiences begin with a Google search? Get your site in front of your customers with our SEO services.

Google Ads Management – Running an effective Google Ads campaign means your site receives an instant increase in relevant web traffic, inquiries & sales. We create optimized campaigns that deliver results.

What makes Ethos Website Design stand out over the other Website Designers?

Simplicity and attention to every single detail of your business is the main target of Ethos Website Design. Mobile-friendly, cross-browser compatibility, and optimized websites.

If you don't have a website, then it's right to get in touch with a reliable web designer and create a perfect website now at Ethos Website Design.

We are here to help grow your business online. Don’t MISS OUT!


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