3 Crucial SEO Tips To Boost Website Traffic

November 6, 2022

When it comes to your company website, your primary goal likely is to make it onto the first page of the Google search engine. Why? This area is like coveted real estate. This article will cover 3 crucial SEO tips to boost website traffic and increase enquiries. 

Only the top-performing business pages make it there, helping their target market find them and their content more easily. When a website lands here, you know they are putting in the work on their end to ensure that their SEO implementation is top-notch, gaining traction over time.

So, we know that getting your website on the first page of the search engine results page (SERP) is essential, but how can you achieve this among a sea of rife competition trying to achieve the same goal? While an SEO company in Geelong can offer invaluable guidance, it’s always beneficial to understand a few essential tips yourself!

We highlight several crucial SEO points for landing your site on page one and boosting your website traffic! 

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SEO tips to boost website traffic - A B Testing

With regards to premium-quality, unstoppable SEO implementation, it is not a one day of attention to get it up and running and then you’re sorted. Every, high-grade SEO involves frequent and consistent testing, involving numerous steps to get it off the ground. The process is very much centred around trial and error. Therefore, be prepared to test A, B, C and D, only to realise that, based on your results, B was the winning formula.

Why? Because SEO is incredibly complex and constantly evolving. What worked last month may not work this month. Therefore, consider it an ongoing series of tests to find the winning strategy NOW for your niche.

Prioritise Contextual Links

Backlinks  - SEO Tip

Contextual linking is a form of internal linking that prioritises embedding valuable links into your content. This step leads visitors to another page with either more informational content or product and service suggestions. Contextual linking is a fantastic method to boost authority, visibility, credibility and traffic.

Some tried and true methods of optimising contextual linking to reap the most benefits include guest blogging for link-building backlinks or gaining authoritative links from established and respected websites and brands.

Optimise All Images

Optimising your images for SEO

In 2022, a well-performing blog post is aided by a selection of well-fitting images. The images you choose will support the written text, bringing it to life and creating an engaging reading experience for the viewer. However, SEO favours imagery that fits the brief, is contextual and well-optimised.

Moreover, the image size should fit ideally into the layout of your website, and format matters. PNG works perfectly for simple images, while JPEG is best for pictures with many vibrant colours. Once you have developed your post, imagery included, refresh your website to ensure the loading speed is not compromised, as it will hinder the user experience and harm your SEO.

SEO is a critical online marketing tactic that demands ongoing attention. Finding what works for your niche in the now will aid in staying relevant and boosting your website traffic.

Team up with us and we’ll help get your website onto page one.

Ethos Website Design is a trusted and reliable SEO company in Geelong waiting to help you! To find out more, get in touch today.


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