Australian Business Directories List – Good For SEO

Neil Forrester
March 22, 2022

Business directories are a great way to improve your website’s local SEO. All you have to do is list your business on various directories such as Google My Business, True Local, and more. This process is called building citations, and it’s a critical piece of a local marketing strategy.

Often, business directory websites have good domain authority which helps Google evaluate the significance of the link from one website to yours.

The process of creating business directory listings is called ‘building citations’. Building citations is an important part of your SEO strategy if you want to get your website onto page one for localised searches. 

Creating citations ensures that you appear in these local directories when people search for businesses services like yours in their area. Printed business directories are a thing of the past, but the online directories are a great way to grow your presence online and increase traffic.

What is a business directory?

A business directory is an online list of businesses within a particular niche, location, or category. One way local businesses can get found by online searchers is through inclusion in business directories.

Preparing your business directory information

Before you create any business listings, it’s best to create a template document with all of your business information. This will help ensure your business details are consistent across the web.

Most business directories ask for the following information.

Business NameThe business name you trade under.
ABNPeople like to see a legitimate ABN number.
Email AddressBest contact email address.
WebsiteYour website of course!
Social Media LinksAdd your social media profiles.
Business TaglineYour business tagline sums up what you do in one line.
Business CategoryChoose up to 3 categories.
Keyword PhrasesHave up to 5 keyword phrasees prepared. Each phrase can be upto 5 words long.
Business Description – ShortUp to 25 words.
Business Description -LongWrite arout 600 words and structure the content.
Accepted Payment MethodsList how people can pay you.
Call To ActionA call to action is a phrase asking people to take action.
Business LogoSize: 500px by 500px
Service & Product PhotosSize: 1080px by 608px. Ensure your images are all sized the same. It’s looks professional and works better for users.
Cover PhotoSize: 1080px by 608px. Some directories allow you to set a background cover photo for your listing.

Document the business directories you list with

It’s well worth making a spreadsheet listing the directories you create profiles with. Note of the Directory Name, URL, Username and Password. Then, if you ever need to update your business information it’s easy to do so.

Australian Business Directory List

Below is a list of Australian business directories that allow you to create free listings.

SEO Packages

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