Why Choose Custom Website Design?

Jeric Turga
December 2, 2022

Why Choose Custom Website Design?

Harnessing a drag-and-drop website builder is a fantastic option for total beginners and single-person businesses with limited budgets. However, custom website design is prevalent for more established companies or those planning to expand within a given time frame.

While the drag-and-drop solution works fine, there are some drawbacks to taking this route. For this reason, we are utilising this article to explain why custom website design is best for your business!

Professional Design Customised For Your Branding

Custom website design offers the chance to partner with a team of web design wizards to create a digital storefront that does not just market their products and services but communicates their personality and brand voice. This freedom is where drag-and-drop web builder solutions often lack. Even with the elements of customisation, boundaries are still exist. Custom solutions mean endless options, allowing you to walk away with something uniquely yours.

UX Optimisation


As a professional business and industry leader, you want to give your customers the most tailored experience possible. Providing this optimised customer experience will help boost conversions, gather vital purchasing habits and customer data, and retain as many past customers as possible. For example, if you are a take-away restaurant, you would want your website to include an ‘order here’ button and lead the customer down the ideal customer journey.


Improved SEO


SEO is essential to ensuring your website is found on search engines.

Website customisation offers several SEO benefits, which you may miss out on by taking another route. Outsourcing website customisation means gaining access to SEO specialists who understand the current best practices to ensure your website boosts to page one of search engine results pages (SERPs).

Scalability is another compelling feature of website customisation, which is why it’s the best solution for businesses with expansion goals. When these changes in the landscape of your business occur, it is much easier to adapt the design and functionality in response to custom design options. Your website design team will know exactly where and how to evolve the website to best align with the current state of your business and its needs.

Having your website listed on page one of Google is vital to increasing traffic. Very few users click past the first page of search results. It’s worth noting that when people search Google, they already have ‘buyers intent’ and are ready to make enquiries when they find what they are searching for.

Conversion rates from organic traffic are often much higher than paid ads because shoppers trust organic listings more than paid ads. Our SEO packages will get your website listed on page one Google search for the keyword phrases you are targeting.

When your website is performing well for the targeted keyword phrases, you will see an increase in traffic and enquiries.

Hosting Flexibility

The ability to change your hosting provider down the line is a fantastic benefit to website customisation solutions. If you change your mind or hope to experiment with different hosting environments, you can easily do so with a customised website. This option puts no limits on your integration with other tools and makes it easy to back up data in the process of switching providers.

If you are ready to say goodbye to your initial drag-and-drop website to join the big players with professional custom website design, Ethos Website Design is your trusted partner. 

We have years of experience designing and developing top-performing custom websites for our clients, helping them harness success online and in the real world.

So why not get in touch? Contact us today!


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