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Neil Forrester
November 10, 2021

Where can you access good-quality images at the resolution you need for your website? Better still, are there any free image libraries out there? The answer is yes!

Most website owners understand the importance of using good imagery on their website. Using well chosen images on your site will increase customer traffic, help convert more leads, and possibly boost organic search rankings.

Listed below are the image libraries I use when looking for images. Some are free and some are paid.

Image SEO Optimisation

When displaying images within the content on your web pages you should always consider the following points:

1: Is the image used relevant to the written content?
If your written content talks about the benefits of ‘web design’, then include a picture web design examples.

2: Include alt text
Ensure all images used in your web pages include Alt test. Alt text is a short description explaining what the image is. This helps search engines to understand what the image is and it relevance on the page. you would apply Alt text to an image file like this:

img src="/images/free-images-libraries.jpg" alt="Free images libraries - choosing the right image for your website is important"

3: Do I really need to include images in my blog?
It’s always best to include some images rather than no images at all. Web pages full of text and no images will soon have your visitors bored so include an interesting image. Now you have the list above there’s no excuse!


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