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Neil Forrester
June 23, 2022

Are you a Geelong-based business owner struggling to increase your customer base? There are many reasons a business may hit a slump or find it challenging to get a consistent flow of new clients. One of them is not having an attractive and engaging website, but business owners are often afraid to invest in a professional website. We don’t blame you with some of the exorbitant web design prices out there. But don’t give up just yet! Here are some useful tips for when searching for affordable web design in Geelong.

Affordable Web Design In Geelong - ACNR

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Step 1: Identify Your Website Goals

One of the best ways to maximise your budget on web design before you hire the first web design agency that pops up in your search results, is by first identifying your goals. Make a clear decision about what you want as a company.

  • Do you want a one-page website or a comprehensive business website?
  • Do you want to sell product or services online via Ecommerce?
  • Do you want people to view your company portfolio in a photo or video gallery?
  • Do you want to increase foot count in your store, receive more calls or website enquiries?
  • Or do you want to direct clients to submit their contact details to download information?

Once you have clearly identified the answers to these questions, you can select a web design company for the specific services and goals you need and save money on unnecessary frills.

For example, if you have a photography business, you may want more graphics on your website and less content, which means you can save on extra copywriting costs. Alternatively, if you need compelling copy but don’t need many technical aspects, you can get your web design company to focus on SEO writing and save on other superfluous services.

Step 2: Choose A Local Geelong Web Design Company

When you support local, you can save on the costs of bigger web design agencies that may be targeted toward national corporations with hefty budgets. If you need affordable web design in Geelong, find an agency near you that caters specifically to the local Geelong community. This way, you will find not only more agreeable prices but also a more friendly, down-to-earth team that is eager to meet with you and understand your business needs.

A local web design company in Geelong like Ethos Website Design, will take a vested interest in you as a local business and understand your immediate and long-term goals in a way that a national company won’t. You will be able to enjoy customised, personalised service that goes a long way in helping to boost your business.

Affordable Web Design Geelong

For affordable web design in Geelong, make Ethos Website Design your number one choice!

We provide custom website design, SEO and managed website hosting. With us, you will have an engaging, user-friendly website with enough money left over you can spend on SEO or advertising. We care about helping Geelong businesses to grow. Contact us here to get started!


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